Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Me ... live ... inexpensively ... at your company!

(This is a shameless plug from my friends at Did you know that I do inexpensive custom webinars for customer contact operations worldwide through, on areas like customer skills, supervision, and workplace communications? My webinar client list includes firms like Mattel, Employers Mutual Casualty (where we trained 200 managers live across the country, with remote facilitators and team exercises), and many others. Check this out and give Carolyn a call!)

You want to motivate and train your support staff, but with limited resources, it is hard to get them off the phones for a full day of training. has an alternative. has conducted hundreds of webinars and can provide you with a custom webinar that provides your agents with the specific tools they need to deal with issues such as:
  • Understanding and dealing with your most difficult customers
  • Communication skills for every customer situation
  • Working effectively with the entire team
  • Productivity skills for customer transactions
We can also help your managers deal with their greatest challenges, including:
  • Understanding and managing different team personalities
  • Learning what motivates your staff
  • Understand how your leadership style affects your workplace
  • Make real, tangible changes in your workplace performance, morale and success
So, how does it work? We will talk with you to determine the biggest issues currently facing your organization, and put together a webinar designed to meet your needs. Your support staff will attend a customized workshop designed to address their most pressing issues.
Remember - research shows that employees are most happy when the companies they work for invest in training to enable them to do their job better. So help your support staff start 2013 out right and show them you are committed to helping them succeed!

For more information, e-mail me at or give me a call at 805.569.5761.
Thank you!
Carolyn Healey

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